Australian scientists publish new review article for neurologists on TNF

July 2015: Two Australian scientists, including an Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University and a neuroscientist from the Garvan Institute, have published a new review article for neurologists on TNF. The article discusses the science of TNF, its physiology and the scientific rationale for perispinal etanercept for treatment of post-stroke neurological dysfunction and other brain disorders.

The article is open access, so the INR PLLC has made it freely downloadable by double-clicking on the links provided, so that readers may read this at home, or send the article to their neurologist, physicians, or family members.

Clark, I.A. and Bryce Vissel, A Neurologist’s Guide to TNF Biology and to the Principles behind the Therapeutic Removal of Excess TNF in Disease. Neural Plasticity, 2015, Article ID 358263. FREE FULL-TEXT.