At the INR Los Angeles:

Edward Tobinick Los Angeles

2006: At the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. May 2006, first international presentation of Alzheimer’s disease data by Dr. Tobinick:



2006: Speaking at the 7th International Alzheimer Disease Drug Discovery Conference in New York City, 2006:

2006 ADDD NYC Ed 486x670


2007: PET Scan showing radiolabeled etanercept delivered into the cerebral ventricles in a living rat, study performed at Stanford University 2007 (Tobinick EL, Chen K, Chen X: Rapid intracerebroventricular delivery of Cu-DOTA-etanercept after peripheral administration demonstrated by PET imaging. BMC Res Notes 2009, 2:28.):


2008: Presentation at the 2008 Best Practices in the Continuum of Care: Alzheimer’s Disease Management Conference


2009: Speaking in Havana Cuba 2009 at the 3rd International Restauracion Neurologica Conference:

Ed Cuba 2009 Restauracion Neurologica conference Hava


2011: With Bill and Dana and Lois from Oklahoma at the INR Los Angeles, 2011:



2011: Teaching at the Venice Family Clinic, Los Angeles, February 2011:



2011: At the Venice Family Clinic, with Dr. Norma Rosales, Director of Pediatrics, July 2011:



2012: Teaching Professor Steve Ralph and physicians from Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia, during physician training at the INR Los Angeles, August 23, 2012:



2013: At the INR Boca Raton, March 2013:


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