A Breakthrough for Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury

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In 2010 the INR®, made a stunning discovery: that chronic brain dysfunction following stroke or trauma may respond to therapeutic intervention, even years after the initial injury. Please see: Selective TNF Inhibition for Chronic Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury – An Observational Study Involving 629 Consecutive Patients... CNS Drugs. 2012 26(12): pp.1051-70, and the Springer press release. Treatment is off-label, results can vary, and more than one dose may be necessary for optimal benefit, please see the Terms of Use.  In 2017, INR’s remarkable results continue. Patients treated from every continent of the world (except Antarctica). INR’s unique medical innovation addresses a world-wide medical need.

To gain a fuller understanding of the promise of this new therapeutic approach, please see the following:

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New INR scientific publications in 2016-2107 include:

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