A Stroke & Brain Injury Breakthrough

60 Minutes Australia “Reverse Stroke” was filmed at the INR® in Boca Raton, Florida.

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10/6/18: Australian Government designates funds for Perispinal Etanercept study: LINK

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For Patients & Loved Ones:


This anti-inflammatory treatment for stroke recovery was invented at the INR®. To date, we have treated over 3,000 post-stroke patients, from all over the world. Consultations are offered in English or Spanish, either over the phone or in our office. PATIENT VIDEOS are separated into categories by impairment. Select the category of interest to be brought to a list of relevant, patient videos. We have been featured on many News Articles & Stories from around the world!

For Health Professionals:

In 2010 the INR®, made a stunning discovery: chronic brain dysfunction following stroke or trauma may respond to therapeutic intervention, even years after the initial injury. This suggests dormant brain circuits can be re-activated, even years after stroke or brain injury. Please see the Springer press release. INR’s remarkable results continue in 2019. Patients have been treated from every continent of the world (except Antarctica). INR’s unique medical innovation addresses a world-wide unmet medical need. The INR offers a Physician Training Program, and it has been attended by physicians from all over the world. SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONSplease click here for a more complete list, including freely downloadable published, peer-reviewed scientific articles, such as “A Neurologist’s Guide to TNF…” by Ian Clark and Bryce Vissel, in Neural Plasticity in 2015.

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